Build a blog using markdown files
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Build a blog using markdown files


md file structure has to follow these conditions:

  • post specifics have to be tagged at the top of the page starting with '<--' and ending with '-->'. (Use the template)
  • each post must then have a # heading.

File Structure

To be continued

Posts Structure

Posts must be created in the following format -

Posts Creation

The file structure can only be base, year, or month.

Ex. posts > Ex. posts > 2019 > Ex. posts > 2019 > 01 >

Post Build

Posts will always be build in one structure.

posts > year > post.html


To be continued


Each folder will have a generated index.html which provides a listing of all the posts which fall under that category. The same goes for tags.

Tag Indexing

A 'tag' folder will be generated to have an index type listing of all the tagged posts.

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